Triple J Pipelines is committed to protecting its employees from injury or occupational disease. We provide a safe and healthy work environment as indicated by acceptable industry practices and and legislative requirements.

Triple J Pipelines is responsible for ensuring employees receive proper training and personal protective equipment. We ensure all equipment meets safety standards and all employees comply with safe work practices and procedures established by the company.

All employees follow safe work practices and procedures; to always protect themselves and other employees from harm.  All Employees must attend safety meeting daily, and participate in the upgrading of safety training as required for the industry as well as the tasks at hand.

To fulfill our safety responsibilities Triple J Pipelines requires Management, Supervisors and Employees to follow all requirements and take every precaution on the job to ensure a safe work environment.

Our Company

Triple J Pipelines was founded in November 2008, and has assembled a team of professional pipeline and facility team members with years of experience in pipeline and facilities in Western Canada mainly northeastern British Columbia and northwestern Alberta. read more »