Indigenous Employment

Indigenous Employment

Providing Indigenous employment opportunities for members of our local communities is key to our overall strategy for success. Triple J Pipelines continuously seeks skilled labour for each project we are awarded and we invest in individuals that choose an education in the trades.

When a company like ours is invited into a community, and can provide direct employment to even a single household within that community, the impact felt is immediate, and the effects are truly lasting for all occupants of the household. There is a time element in combination with continuous and direct work with the people and with the leadership of those communities.

It takes time for a member, whether a direct hire or entrepreneur, to determine how they want to fit into an organization. It is our responsibility as a conscientious employer to bring that member along with appropriate, adequate training that is supported with mentorship and that transitions into a full-time position.

We aim to:

  • seek out these individuals,
  • harness that potential,
  • help develop individuals who are experts in their chosen field and service, and
  • assist them to attain appropriate and necessary certifications so they are qualified on our rights-of-way.

Our current indigenous roster currently has employees in the following areas of our operations:

  • Management
  • Project Controls
  • Payroll
  • Construction Craft Worker

For more information on our Indigenous employment efforts, please contact our Indigenous Relations team at: