Indigenous Relations

Our Indigenous relations efforts focus on inclusion. We aim to share opportunity and build relationships with Indigenous peoples based on respect and working together.

Corporate Social Responsibility involves the policies of companies towards the rights and interests of Indigenous peoples.

Section 35 of the Constitution Act, UNDRIP, and portions of the “Calls to Action” align with the beliefs and values of Triple J Pipelines. We endeavour to deliver top-quality service in a safe and timely manner. We further endeavour to attain relationships with Indigenous communities and their representatives within which we find our operations. Our Indigenous relations are built on an inclusion goal is self-driven, exceeds industry targets, and has an objective to attain relationships that are respectful, meaningful, and lasting.

“I don’t want a target of 15% or 20% or 35% Indigenous inclusion, those are industry targets. I want 100% inclusion! If we don’t make a 100%, so be it, let’s do our best to get there – if we don’t try, we definitely won’t get there.”

– Triple J Pipelines Ownership, February 2019

“I want a relationship in every community we operate in. I want our presence to be there long after the project is complete. Let’s find interested members, bring them over and get them into a trade – once there we can help them with apprenticeship hours, mentorship, and direct employment. I want a skilled and reliable workforce of Indigenous members that will choose to stick with us. We take them with us where ever we go. If there are Indigenous enterprises I don’t know about, bring them forward and let’s take a look at them and see if there’s a fit or what will it take to make it a fit.”

– Triple J Pipelines Ownership, April 2019

Triple J Pipelines is not able to be all things to all communities or to be the answer to all the challenges a community may be up against. However, we can contribute in some way that is meaningful, that is sincere, and true.