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Organizational Changes to Triple J Pipelines (“TJP”).

First and foremost, Triple J (2019) Pipelines Inc. has undertaken a much-needed restructuring of our management and processes to show accountability both within and more importantly to our vendors and customers while continuing to operate in the market in a meaningful, safe, quality conscious and reputable way.

We are pleased to welcome Joleen Burnett who has joined our team in the capacity of Chief Restructuring Officer. Joleen brings a wealth of experience as an executive focused on process reform and profit maximization. Joleen’s focus will be on analyzing a variety of areas within our organization in an effort to ensure the creation and preservation of a strong business and workplace culture.

We are also pleased to announce the addition of Mike Scott in the role of Vice President of Operations. Mike’s vast industry experience, history with TJP,  and relationships with existing customers and vendors will be instrumental as we navigate this transition period.

With respect to status quo, Derek Britton will remain in his role of Executive Vice President, responsible for commercial and client interaction, but will also now support our operations group on day-to-day affairs.

We are committed to continue our current jobs, and pursue future jobs, adhering to the highest quality and safety standards to which our industry holds TJP.