Fabrication & Coating

Fabrication & Coating of Our Own Pipeline Materials

We’ve all been there – an important job on deadline, and you can’t find an important part, and can’t wait for it to be shipped. That’s no problem for us! At Triple J Pipelines, our team of skilled workers fabricates and coats a full range of pipeline materials including piping, meter skids and valves.  We pride ourselves on providing the absolute highest quality and most durable components available, for our clients. Triple J’s fabrication and coating operations are located nearby, at our 107,000 sq ft fabrication facility in Dawson Creek, BC.

By maintaining our own fabricating and coating operations locally, we also ensure that we are always using the best quality materials in our own pipeline construction and maintenance projects, as well as being able to provide those reliable components to our clients for their specific needs. Not only that, but this means we are able to provide more job prospects for the local economy, and also contribute by purchasing tools, equipment and raw materials locally as well, whenever possible.

If your company needs high quality pipeline materials, we can certainly provide whatever you need! Please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us.