Maintenance & Demolition

Maintenance & Demolition


Leveraging our deep industry expertise in oil and gas construction we deliver a variety of accompanying maintenance services.  We can handle any kind of pipeline and facility maintenance, whether it’s regular preventative maintenance, small or large repairs, or complete replacement.

Thorough, professional maintenance is key to ensuring that pipelines and facilities are performing to their peak potential. At Triple J Pipelines, our team is devoted to making sure your company’s oil and gas pipeline and facility assets are maintained to the highest possible standards to prevent unplanned downtime and ensure productivity.


We have extensive experience with the most complex and environmentally sensitive demolitions in the industry.  We bring the diligence, know-how, and professionalism to ensure all pipelines and facilities can be demolished in full compliance with federal and provincial industry regulations. In this way, we ensure all our job sites are returned to their original state and minimize the environmental impact of our work.


These are additional references to the federal and provincial industry regulations that we adhere to with each and every job we perform.